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5 Tips for Buying Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Wedding Rings Online
April 06, 2015
diamond wedding rings diamond engagement rings

More people are finding that buying diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings online is a fantastic option. Buying your diamond ring from a reputable online jeweler, like Venetian Jewelers, can give you more savings and more peace of mind than you can imagine.

Diamond Buyers Education Guide - Shape
April 03, 2015
diamond wedding rings shapes Shape is a matter of preference and has less bearing on the value of the diamond than other characteristics. The diamond cutter determines the final shape of a diamond while the diamond is in the rough material state.


Diamond Buyers Education Guide - Carat Weight
April 03, 2015
diamond wedding rings carat weight
Carat refers to the weight of the stone, but does not wholly encompass the actual size of the diamond.