Diamond Buyers Education Guide - Shape

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Shape is a matter of preference and has less bearing on the value of the diamond than other characteristics. The diamond cutter determines the final shape of a diamond while the diamond is in the rough material state. The cutter’s primary objective is to maximize the finished product’s carat weight and proportioning while minimizing waste.

diamond engagement rings shapes

Round The most in-demand of the diamond shapes is the round brilliant. The art of cutting round diamonds has evolved over the last 100 years. Today, a perfectly cut round diamond which displays maximum brilliance is known as an “ideal cut”.

Princess The princess cut is the second most popular shape, noted for exceptional brilliance and a more contemporary style than traditional round diamonds. Princess cut diamonds vary from square to rectangular and are often a superior option for fancy colored.

Emerald Emerald cuts have the least facets of the popular cut diamonds and therefore tend to exhibit the least brilliance. Since the interior of the emerald cut diamond can be viewed with ease through the large open table, having a high clarity grade in an emerald cut is key.

Asscher The Asscher cut is essentially a square shaped emerald cut diamond. Its unique and rare beauty has made this cut highly sought after with many diamond collectors.

Marquise The long and slender characteristics of the marquise cut diamond provide the appearance of being larger than it actually is. Marquise cut diamonds are an optimum way to maximize the appearance of carat weight.

Pear Also known as a teardrop, pear shaped diamonds are in high demand for ultra-luxury jewelry collectors.

Cushion Also known as a Pillow Cut, the square cushion cut diamond has rounded corners and less facets than other diamonds which tends to highlight the clarity of the diamond similar to the emerald cut.

Radiant With more facets and brilliance than the traditional round diamonds, the rectangular radiant diamonds have become one of the more popular choices for diamond jewelry.

Oval Oval diamonds, similar to the round brilliant, provides intense fire with an elongated table.

Heart The heart shape diamond is known for being the ultimate expression of love.



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