5 Tips for Buying Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Wedding Rings Online

Posted on April 06, 2015 by Bernard Bachoura | 0 comments

More and more people are finding that buying diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings online is a fantastic option. When equipped with the right information, buying your diamond ring from a reputable online jeweler, like Venetian Jewelers, can give you more savings and more peace of mind than you can imagine.

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If you were wary about spending your hard-earned money on a large purchase such as a diamond wedding ring, we at Venetian Jewelers can help you find the best diamond engagement or wedding rings available on the Internet today. Here are some important factors to remember.

  1. Choose a Reputable Online Jeweler – When searching for jewelry and jewelry stores online, you will encounter hundreds of options. In fact, the number can be intimidating - how do you weed out legit jewelers from the rest? One key is to look at the history and reputation of the retailer. How long have they been in business? Do they have many satisfied customer. Venetian Jewelers has a 40 year history with multiple retail store and tens of thousands of customers. Another factor is choosing a jeweler with an authorized dealership of a particular brand of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings. This ensures you of top quality and authentic items.
  2. Decide on Your Ring Style – Are you looking for a white diamond engagement ring? Or maybe a blue diamond wedding ring? Take the time to understand what you really want for yourself and start with that. Because Venetian Jewelers does not have to pay expensive overhead costs like a national chain, we have the capability to carry hundreds of styles at great values. When you don't know exactly what you want, it can take you days and days of searching through hundreds of selection just to find that perfect diamond ring you want. Decide on whether or not you want one stone solitaire diamond wedding ring, or maybe a three stones ring? Do you want the diamond to be pear-shaped, princess, or round? And what about the setting? Do you want it to be platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or maybe silver? Be specific about each detail of your diamond wedding ring and stick to what you want.
  3. Set a Budget – Your engagement ring or wedding ring is a symbol of your union with your future spouse. It should represent that you are both willing to save and make sacrifices for one another. When setting a budget for your ring, whether it be a smaller diamond or a blue diamond engagement ring with the finest cut, the amount must show that you're making an investment into your future marriage.
  4. Make Sure the Jeweler Has an Excellent Returns Policy – Before making the big purchase, read the jeweler's return policy thoroughly. You must be able to return the ring with free shipping and a full refund. This return policy must be for at least 30 days, and always buy from jewelers who have high definition photos. This allows you to view the images of the ring or rings in detail before making the big decision. Take a look at our wide selection of diamond wedding bands and have the opportunity to view these items up close with our large image option so you get to see the tiny details. By knowing exactly how the ring looks like up close, you get to avoid the hassle of having to return a piece of jewelry that you're not happy with.
  5. Make Sure You Are Given a Certification – The best way to ensure your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding ring is authentic is buying it from a jeweler that provides paper work from either the Gemological Institution of America or from the American Gem Society. These two organizations are the top agencies that analyze diamonds based on the 4 C's - which are Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. The certification entails the grading of the stone, to help you determine its true value. As you review the Venetian Jewelers ring selection, you will see that we disclose the Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut right in the ring description so you know what you are buying right at purchase. Not all other online retailers do this.
Buying your diamond wedding ring or diamond engagement rings online can give you a ton of savings, as well as the added convenience of having access to a large number of choices that no physical store can provide. When you make your purchase from a reputable jeweler such as Venetian Jewelers, expect to find the best ring that represents your personality, taste, and your future union.



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